How to Find an Old Military Friend

We have good intentions to keep in touch with friends and family but sometimes life gets busy and we lose touch. Weeks turn to months and months turn into years until eventually, we don’t know where to start to find those special people who once held special places in our lives. Are you in such a predicament? The tips below can help you locate your military friend sooner instead of later.

Search Online

military veteran search

It’s easy to use a military veteran search tool online to find the person that you were in the military with. Many of these tools are available to use at no cost, and can be used day or night whenever you’re most comfortable.

Ask Around

If you have friends that went to military with you, perhaps they know how to get in touch with the person who you want to find. Word of mouth is a great source of information that most people use to find other people. You won’t know who or what they know until you ask, so do not be shy and get the details you want and need.

Social Media

Social media can also be used to find a military veteran. Although older people do not use social media as often as younger people, there is always a chance the person that you want, or his or her family members, are using social media which makes it easier to get in contact.

You can find your lost friend from the military using the tools above, but there are others that can benefit the search as well. Some do have fees associated with their use. Do your research before spending money to use such a product. If you are looking for someone, use these tips and tools to help you find them sooner instead of later.