On Never Underestimating Janitorial Work

Here is an interesting rhyme. Janitorial, sanatorial – okay, it is a made-up word for now, but what the online poet does is tie the two together for its emphasis. Because that has got to be one of the most important features of the janitorial services atlanta ga work. The property’s janitors are wholly focused on maintaining its facilities’ sanitary standards. And if it is to be a first-time project, the work paves the way for making improvements and reaching standards required.

There are two more important areas of janitorial work that could draw your interest. On the one hand there is always maintenance. And then there is security. Safety and security of your building goes beyond the obvious. Some of you may be quite right in assuming that this is an area best left to security experts, but then again, if the seasoned janitor is of the old school then he simply cannot help himself at times.

Perhaps you remember those days. High school blues. Or the best days of your life. Never mind your teachers and the principal’s office, but the janitor has been one of the prominent faces in your school halls and corridors. Arriving on time for school in the morning, you notice that he has already put in a couple of hours. And by the time you have packed and walked through the gates after soccer practice, you notice that he is still there.

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The principal has long gone even, but not the janitor. Always the first to arrive, and the last to leave. You can never really underestimate the work and responsibilities of the janitorial staff. Bathrooms are sanitary and clean. Floors are clean and slip-free. Desks and indoor office windows appear to be gleaming as well.